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ATOPIC Dermatitis, MAY & My Story

It has been a decade since I started my battle with atopic dermatitis and I would like to share my experience with all the readers, who might have the same problem.

Atopic dermatitis is generally known as an autoimmune disease. The true reason, which causes dermatitis, is usually unknown. It appears in form of itchiness, redness and rashes. 

Atopic dermatitis is usually cured with moisturizing and steroid creams. And so, I began with the curing of this uncurable disease.

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Ten and a half years ago I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy.

At that time, I thought that as a 23-year-old student I would be a match for anything.

My husband, with whom I was already married two years, and I lived in our own apartment, but we lived in the same town as our families.

We did not want any help, because we thought that in today’s world, a parent knows how to take care of their child.

My son May was a very difficult baby. He woke up every three hours and slept only 20 minutes all together during the day.

After six months, I did not want to admit to myself that I was tired. At that time, I noticed the first itch at the edge of my scalp.

I thought it was dandruff. 

After buying an enormous amount of products (some of them were very expensive), I found out nothing helped.

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Three months after suffering from a bloody scalp, I went to a dermatologist.

Unfortunately, he did not find the origin of my disease. Suggesting it may be due to stress or familiar reasons.

Of course it was stress, I knew that already.
He prescribed me a corticosteroid cream.

I started using it right away. After four days, the itchiness and bleeding skin disappeared. 

The dermatitis occurred five times per year, therefore I have decided to take better care of my skin.

After searching through all drugstores, I bought many natural soap bars, shampoos and creams.

Nothing helped.

Even the cream prescribed by my doctor stopped working after some time. The cream also had some unpleasant side effects – thinner skin and hair loss.

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In the past year, I have communicated a lot with the company Karbonoir. After scrolling through their online shop, I found a soap made from activated charcoal.

Although I am familiar with the effects of activated charcoal, I somehow already gave up with the effectiveness of natural products. My dear friend David, who works at Karbonoir, gave me the soap as a gift and so I started using it.

After the first use (washing my hands, face and scalp), I found out that the soap does not dry out my skin as regular soap bars do. My skin also did not itch after using it.

Since charcoal has an antibacterial effect, bacteria do not stick to it and the soap binds all residue from the corneous layer of the skin on itself. My skin became soft and lovely scented. The soap is now used by everyone in my family.

I would recommend this soap to everyone who has or has not skin problems.

It can be also used by more demanding users like children and babies (until one year old, they are not allowed to use shampoos with aromas and preservatives).

Thank you, Karbonoir, for a positive experience with a product, which can help anyone, who can not find a good product for problematic and ill skin.

Black Soap

Black Soap

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